I will be running in the SEPTEMBER12,  2017 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY ELECTION.

    The TRUE EMPOWERMENT of a COMMUNITY requires some to step FORWARD--

    and  be RESPONSIBLE for addressing community's NEEDS

    Someone to take responsibility of your TAX MONEY so that it is spent well for your Community. 

    In MY CIVIC EXPERIENCE, I have learnt the importance for having CITIZEN LEGISLATORS not

    permanent politicians

    Politics often determines who gets what and when

    The political process, whether you like it or not, touches upon everything

    We determine the outcome from potholes to parenthood and public prosperity. 

    An increasing number of our POLITICIANS seem to put party before people

    Labeling us, dividing us, using us for their own purpose. 

    As a citizen/legislator, I will not be a Politician rather I will be your ELECTED OFFICIAL

    Your REPRESENTATIVE and therefore your VOICE. 

    My DUTIES shall go beyond REPRESENTATION and bringing RESOURCES to our community

    I will be your HOPE for FAIRNESS and OPPORTUNITY. 

    My NATURE is to find what we have in COMMON, not what divides us. 

    I adhere to the tenets that we REPRESENT all community members not just our VOTERS. 

    I am not an ideological purist

    Politics is the ART of COMPROMISE 

    Politics is about finding the place where we can all work together

    It is a compromise and an art of finding what is possible 

    Not demanding but rather finding the win-win solution

    Politics for me is not a Zero-Sum game. 

    I do not have all the ANSWERS therefore we will JOIN hands and communities in seeking and sharing


    Together we will use our multicultural and diverse STRENGTHS towards a CONSTANT effort in the

    creation of a more PERFECT UNION

    Please make an effort to join with me and let's move forward together

    Let our growing familiarity breed KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT and LOVE. 

    Let us break boundaries while extending the hand of FRIENDSHIP in common concerns

    Please judge me by my ACTIONS not promises

    Let us REPLENISH, REVITALIZE and RENEW our shared community institutions. 

    My family and I are blessed by the benefits provided by this country. 

    We are all AMERICA, it's PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE

    Do this for all of us, our present and future

    Ask not what your community can do for you but

    What you can do for your community. 

    Let me do something for the community

    Thank You