Our residents deserve access to affordable housing. As our city changes, none of our residents should be forced into poor living conditions or left without a home.

Helal’s goals for City Council District 32:

  • Preserve affordable housing.
  • Repeal Urstadt and bring “home rule” for housing laws back to the NYC council, not the state legislature.
  • Stop the loss of rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments by repealing high income and vacancy decontrol, and take steps to restore the apartments already lost.
  • Keep remaining affordable units and preserve Mitchell-Lama and section 8 buildings. When Mitchell-Lama commitments expire, convert those living spaces into rent-stabilized apartments.
  • Offer stronger incentives, such as property tax exemptions and abatements, for developers to build affordable housing.
  • Create permanent affordability on housing projects through increased tax abatements.
  • Reform rent-setting policies in a manner that suits both tenants and landlords.
  • Assist small landlords in providing safe and affordable housing.
  • Address the separate needs of small landlords and homeowners, and large, multiple homeowners.
  • Assist homeowners in reducing costs and avoiding overcharges by educating them on their tax assessments and other bills.
  • Help homeowners to pay down city liens and tax bills so they can keep their homes.
  • Educate senior homeowners on necessary homeownership tasks and ensure they are not taken advantage of by scam artists.