Education and Youth Services

New York City’s future is in the hands of the youth, and they need a strong foundation in education. We must find ways to reorder our budget and make education the first priority.

Helal’s goals for City Council District 32:

  • Protect the Department of Education from harsh cuts and reductions.
  • Fight for valuable resources to remain in public schools in areas where charter schools also operate.
  • Provide access to afterschool educational programs for children where they can learn new skills and receive tutoring and assistance with homework.
  • Prioritize music, art and athletics by offering local programs in these areas.     
  • Support programs like SYEP that help youth gain experience through summer jobs.
  • Make health education a priority, and ensure healthy food is available to our students.
  • Offer kosher and Halal food to students with religious backgrounds in public schools.
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